Program Competencies

1.   Discuss the historical, philosophical, social, psychological, multicultural, and political influences of ICT on a global economy.


Throughout the course ICT 702, many modern trends were identified in ICT. One of the most interesting uses of ICT that is having a significant effect on the economy is the use of high frequency trading in the financial markets. In doing the research presentation, I learned a lot of information about how large banks and investment firms were purchasing thousands of shares on the financial markets and later selling them in some cases seconds later for profits of a few pennies.

The consequences of having this technology available are significant. In much of doing the project, I learned that much of the global economy’s exchanges are controlled by computer algorithms that are designed to make money for the corporations. Unfortunately, this has resulted in several “flash crashes”, where stocks can drop be a significant percentage, wiping out significant equity for people.

In summary, I learned how ICT plays a major role in society, with both positive and negative effects. With so much of our economy dependent upon the financial markets, the use of ICT by corporations for profits raises potential ethical concerns with using these systems.  

ICT Algorithms affecting the economy
ICT Algorithms.pptx
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2.   Analyze current issues and trends in ICT.


With a major shift with consumers and businesses preferring tablet, laptops and other mobile devices, significant challenges are presented to corporations providing services to their employees. Some of the challenges include providing access to resources, as well as maintaining security on all devices. In performing the research, it became clear how organizations will need to prepare for the future or providing services to employees on multiple devices as well as meeting the needs or remote access.

In addition to the trends that I researched, there were plenty of other topics in that class that enhanced my knowledge of new technologies in ICT, and how the technology will play a role in the future. Some of the other trends presented included IPv6, bring your own device, as well as new trends in wireless and networking. As a result of the course, I came away with a much better understanding of the upcoming trends that will have significant impact on corporations as well as individuals.


Using Virtual Desktop’s to secure endpoints and improve mobile access
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3.   Evaluate and use ICTs appropriate to one's own career.


In the course ICT 702 one of the projects was to interview a technology manager about various ICT applications within their environment In this project I was able to interview Bob Meyer the director of Technology Services in Student Affairs at UW Milwaukee. In doing this project I was able to get a better understanding on how ICT was used in the division as well as the other important topics such as building relationships within the organization. The interview was based upon each student’s desire to find out information on the organization and the use of ICT. I was able to shape the questions of the interview to gain a better understanding how my role as well Bob’s role plays an important role. Through this project, I was able to get information that will be beneficial for the future.

ICT UW - Milwaukee
ICT UW - Milwaukee.docx
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4.   Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying the organization and operation  of ICT enterprise.


In the course INMGT 600, Organizational Leadership, one of the main themes was studying how to be a leader in an organization. The timing of this class was perfect for me as the organization that I work for was going through reorganization. During the reorganization, I had a chance to become a leader in guiding the technology for the merger between departments. The attached artifact highlights many of the course themes and how they were used in a valuable experience in the summer of 2012. The process of integrating several units under one IT organization provided many challenges. One of the primary challenges was getting all of the business practices organized for each unit and properly and to provide a seamless behind the scenes migration.

UW Milwaukee.docx
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5.   Interpret and conduct research to improve the body of knowledge relating to ICT.

One of the final courses in the master’s program was to develop a research proposal based upon the work done throughout the program. In the course INMT 700, I learned the process of writing research papers and including all of the information needed to write successful proposals and carry out the research study. The study that I chose to peruse was on the emerging threat of malware in organizations and the dangers posed by only using conventional methods to detect and prevent viruses. The study was a lot of fun to do research and I learned a lot through the process.

Research Paper
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Emphasis Competencies

1.   Develop an understanding of multimedia technologies.

With the advancement in multimedia technologies, it is important to understand the potential benefit that these technologies can be on ELearning. Many universities are considering online options to ensure that courses can be offered to students a variety of formats and locations. In order to provide this content to students, ELearning technologies such as course streaming and interactive modules need to be used to ensure that the course materials are accessible to students and can meet the learning objectives. In the Media 710 course I did a research project to look at various ELearning solutions and propose solutions for providing ELearning.

Elearning Solutions.docx
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2.   Demonstrate knowledge on web design.

In the past few years there has been a significant growth in web and mobile devices, increasing the importance. As a result of this trend, it becomes especially important to ensure that I have the skill set to be able to design as well as understand the current technologies that are in use. In the course, I had the opportunity to learn about many web technologies including CSS, HTML email, and site design strategies. The picture below is from an exam where we were given an HTML page and had to demonstrate our knowledge of CSS to match our page against an image of the desired page. In going through this course I learned a lot about web design and have a greater appreciation for the various technologies needed to support web pages. Finally, the great part about the course was that it was hands on allowing each student to have the opportunity to apply the concepts learned in class to assignments and projects.

3.   Develop skills to create training proposals

In the course TRHRD 560, the final project was to create a training proposal for a company that needed to implement a training program to address a significant issue with lab tests not being handled properly. This project was a great experience at producing a training proposal to address a need and going through the justification process to get management to agree to the training. In my own career this has been especially useful exercise to build the case for staff training on new products or enhancing knowledge on existing products and services.

Training Proposal
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4.   Design and create ELearning modules using multimedia technologies.

As part one of the final projects for Media 710, each student had to create a ELearning course that was designed to train an audience on a specific task. In my project, I developed an online course to help users understand maintenance that should be performed on windows computers. In creating the course, I learned the process of designing a course and including all of the critical elements to make it an effective site. In building the site, I created an online multimedia presentation that was designed to help users visually understand how to perform the maintenance. In addition there were presentations to give background as well as test knowledge.

Media 710 Site Design

5. Develop skills in project management

In the project management course (INMGT 565), I developed my skills of managing projects and using complex software to manage the projects. Throughout the project we worked as a group to manage the technological as well as the human resources to complete a project. In addition I gained experience writing project charters and putting timelines together. As more services become cloud based, it is important for IT personal to be able to manage projects. In the course, I learned a lot and I am using many of the project templates for current work operations.

Project Charter
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